LEDchroic™ Optics

LEDchroic advanced optics for halogen appearance

The evolution of LED lighting

Products featuring LEDchroic optical technology could be mistaken for standard dichroic halogens - both in performance and aesthetics.

But our LEDchroic lamps and luminaires are not your standard LEDs. The relationship between height vs. diameter at the top and bottom of our latest anti-glare LED lens provides a shallower lens for maximum compatibility in retrofit lamps and reduced recess heights for luminaires.

LEDchroic micro lens array (MLA) gives lamps & luminaires the exact appearance of dichroic halogens, providing precise beam angles and 50% reduction in light loss compared to a typical LED lens...


the effects of overshadowing

...while reducing the effects of overshadowing found in multi-point LEDs.

Their micro lens array, or MLA, consists of hundreds of precise, diamond-like micro facets. This sparkling lens redistributes the light from a single source chip on board, or COB, LED. LEDchroic lenses give accurate beam angle control from a single HVLED™ light source, reducing the overshadowing effect of multi-point LED light sources.

The effect is a comfortable, evenly distributed, beam of light with a minimal glare. 

Optical artisanship

LEDchroic lens production

LEDchroic lens production

Clarity of the lens is critical, as low quality materials inhibit the transmission of light and can reduce light output. At Aurora, we use the highest grade of resin for our optics to optimise the quality of light, improve the colour rendering and maximise the lumen output, all while reducing the required wattage.

Products featuring LEDchroic optics:

Advanced LED optics for halogen appearance, offering controlled, even light distribution that reduces glare and light loss.


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